Mountain Anti-Racism Group Forming

In collaboration with The Center Against Racism & Trauma ( Mountain Counseling & Training, Inc. is sponsoring an anti-racism group for the mountain communities. Corey Jackson, CART’s director, will be supporting the effort as will individuals chosen to be on a charter committee. Together with CART and other anti-racist activist groups, we can make an impactful contribution to greater racial justice and participate in the fight against systemic racism. Respond if you would like to be in on the “ground floor”. We are looking for leaders from the faith/business/volunteer communities to become co-sponsors and champions. Meetings will include videos, dialogue, food (eventually), and guest speakers. Shoot an email to for an invitation to the chartering meetings. #community #racialjustice #racialequity #racismisapublichealthcrisis #blacklivesmatter #livesmatter #asianlivesmatter #endracism #endracismnow #raceequality #equalitycantwait #equalityforall #equalitymatters #youareloved #youareenough #diversity #support #inclusion #diversityandinclusion

Mountain Counseling CEO issues invitation to charter anti-racist group.

CEO Writing Retreat

I recently completed about seven days at a writing retreat in Utah and created lots of blog post material from the following books:

Leaders Eat Last, by Simon Sinek

It’s the Manager by Jim Clifton and Jim Harter

12–The Elements of Great Managing, by Jim Harter

Humor, Seriously: Why Humor Is a Secret Weapon in Business and Life (And How Anyone Can Harness It. Even You.) by Jennifer Aaker Naomi Bagdonas

Platform: Get Noticed in Noisy World, by Michael Hyatt

Credibility by Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner

The Power of the Other by Henry Cloud

The Heart of a Leader by Ken Blanchard

These are all books that speak to the core of MCT’s values or our desire to get our message out and noticed by those with whom we’re wanting to connect.

I’m also in the process of reading Blogging for Dummies because . . . well, that should be fairly obvious. I’ll be putting tidbits from these resources in blogs for the next few weeks and will also be doing a “Master Class” for anyone who wants to take a deeper dive.

Covid-19 Supportive Services for San Bernardino County

Covid-19 Supportive Services for San Bernardino County
Residents in San Bernardino County who have been laid off, are experiencing a reduction in hours or are not able to work as a result of Covid-19 may be eligible for services and assistance including:

Equipment necessary for Telework
Housing Assistance
Utility Assistance

Reach out to your Local America’s Job Center, or learn more at

Mountain Counseling & Training’s 1st Annual Wellness Walk

Mountain Counseling & Training’s 1st Annual Wellness Walk

We couldn’t have asked for better weather for our first annual fundraising event to help raise funds for mental health services here on our mountain. Prior to walking around Lake Gregory, our nearly 50 participants enjoyed coffee provided by Higher Grounds Coffee House and learned about local resources available from Mt. Calvary Lutheran Church and Rim of the World Gym. Attendees also heard from Forensic Psychologist, Dr. Debra Warner. 

All funds raised at this event will directly impact children on the mountain by:

  • Providing 10 hours of free academic coaching scholarships to students, with a strengths-based focus.
  • Providing short-term counseling to 2-3 students who do not have insurance coverage.
  • Allowing MCT therapists to purchase additional resources to better serve clients, including workbooks, journals, and other fun prizes for meeting their goals.

We’d like to once again thank our partners and sponsors who helped make our first year a success!

May Is Mental Health Month: Do Your Part to End Mental Illness Stigma

May Is Mental Health Month:  Do Your Part to End Mental Illness Stigma

Think about the last time you were ill, perhaps with the flu.  What if many of your friends and families began calling after they became aware of your illness with messages like the following:

“How embarrassing for you!”

“You must be very weak!”

“Does your family have a history…?”

​Or what if they didn’t call at all?

Of course, these messages or the being cut off are pretty unlikely since the amount of stigma one experiences when physically ill is relatively low.  But this is often not the case for mental illness. There are negative messages, implicit or explicit, attached to those experiencing mental illnesses (such as anxiety, depression, or psychosis).  One of the goals of San Bernardino County’s Department of Behavioral Health (DBH) is to attack this stigma, particularly among children and youth. Mountain Counseling and Training, Inc. (MCT), in carrying out the DBH-funded Student Assistance Program, is serving children and youth in the Rim of the World Unified School District with the strengths-based message that seeking help should be cause for admiration rather than shame.

As a therapist in private practice and the CEO of MCT, one of the metaphors I often use with my clients is that of the aspiring Olympic champion.  Olympic athletes virtually always avail themselves of a coach, believing that this is the surest way to take their performance to their highest level.  As a therapist who has served many clients in our mountain communities, many of whom I greatly admire for their resilience, perseverance, and focused behavior, I know the truth of this metaphor—truly my clients have taught me a great deal about overcoming adversity, identifying their strengths, and discovering and empower compelling life missions.

According to a 2018 Psychology Today article, “Approximately one in five adults in the United States, 43.8 million, or 18.5%, experiences a mental illness in a given year and approximately one in five youth aged 13–18 (21.4%) experiences a severe mental health disorder at some point during their lifetime. For children aged 8–15, the estimate is 13%.” (Kristen Fuller, M.D., May, 2018)

MCT Family Specialists and Clinicians are privileged each day to work alongside some of these individuals in our mountain communities to identify and overcome these challenges. We get to work with kiddos whose potential is being threatened by emotional or behavioral disturbances, some of whom would, without treatment, require higher levels of care including residential placement or psychiatric hospitals.

On Saturday, May 4th, Mountain Counseling & Training, Inc. is hosting our first “Wellness Walk in the Woods,” a gentle 2.3-mile walk around Lake Gregory in honor of Mental Health Month. Enjoy the spring weather at a family friendly walk, resource fair, and celebration. With motivational speaker Dr. Debra Warner, the morning will share strategies for anyone dealing with mental illness and its effects on a family. Together, we can break the stigma and take a big step toward finding success – whatever your chosen goals. There’s no better place to share your story and take steps towards well being, both physically and mentally.

Day-of registration starts at 7 AM at the north-shore parking lot (across from Goodwin’s Market), with Opening Ceremony commencing at 8 AM.  Our walk around the lake will officially begin at 8:30 AM. On-site parking is $10. Furry friends on leashes are more than welcome to join, and you can expect to see an appearance from our own therapy dog, Luke.

Registration is $25 per team or individual (depending on how you choose to sign up), but the sky’s the limit for each team’s personal fundraising goal! Each team/individual will have the opportunity to set up their own donation page (hosted through and share their own story about why supporting mental health efforts is important to them.

Ask Mountain Counseling

Ask Mountain Counseling

Meet Two of the Mountain Counseling Team
Since we’re still awaiting questions from the community (hint, hint), I thought we’d use this month’s column to introduce two of our MCT team—our Program Manager and one of our newest clinicians.

Bethany Evans (Program Manager)
Bethany Evans grew up in Lake Arrowhead and attended Rim of the World Unified School District before studying Linguistics and English Literature at Northwestern University. Now, she relishes the chance to give back to her home community and work with the schools that provided her such excellent support. Bethany believes in the power of random acts of kindness and contributes daily to making the lives of young people in our community better so that the ‘mountain’ thrives. When not trying to organize administrative systems or figure out county regulations, Bethany explores the mountain by hiking with her dog or finding new coffee shops to try out. Bethany was instrumental in writing the proposal that yielded approximately $750,000 in new services for mountain communities’ youth.

Serena Hamilton, Therapist (Associate Marriage and Family Therapist)
Although a newcomer to the mountain, Serena is not new to serving children and their families. With over seven years of experience serving at-risk youth, as coach, mentor or therapist, she is passionately committed to supporting others as they walk through their journey to healing and fulfilling their life missions.  She is also continuing her own education as a lifelong learner and hopes to complete a doctorate as well as earing her clinical licensure as a Marriage and Family Therapist. ​​Her clinical approach is client-centered and strengths-based–she believes her best work starts with seeing the client as the expert on their own lives, with the growth plan based on client needs and strengths. Her personal experience as a foster youth drives her to find the most powerful strategies to helping children and families, particularly those who have been affected by involvement with Child and Family Services (CFS).  She works each day to find the best strategies for bettering the lives of youth and families in our mountain communities.

​Your coaching for the month:
Set up an accountability relationship with one person.  The rules:

  1. Must be mutual (both of you working together to accomplish growth goals);
  2. Must be weekly.
  3. Must be confidential.
  4. Must be short-term (do for three months and then evaluate).

Accountability is a great “stretch strategy” for taking your success to the next level. Want more tips on making accountability work?  Send email to with “Accountability” in the subject line.  Let me know how your experiments in growth and accountability take shape.

See you next month!  Don’t let your voice go unheard.  Don’t let your contribution wait another day.  Connect with MCT at  If not you then, who?  If not now, then when? (Robin Sharma)

Michael Beavers, MCT’s CEO/Founder, will be writing some of the monthly columns but MCT’s team of clinicians, family specialists, and parent partners will also be contributors. MCT is a fast-growing not-for-profit serving our mountain communities with student services (counseling, coaching, classes), addiction recovery, and leadership development.  Send your questions for future columns to–we  We promise to respond to every email.  Some answers will appear in this space

MCT’s New Community Service Fellowship

MCT’s New Community Service Fellowship

We are excited to announce our new “Community Service Fellowship“.  This is an amazing opportunity for those yearning for community impact to: gain leadership experience, contribute to developing a growing not-for-profit’s impact.  From the summary:

The Community Service Fellowship (CSF) is an unpaid six-month training and service experience.  This experience at an innovative, rapidly-growing, not-for-profit is focused on carrying out a unique “connecting through strengths” message utilizing both Gallup strengths concepts and leading-edge mental health/leadership practices.  In 10+ hours/month, Fellows receive intensive training/coaching in leadership, service, and grant writing/research. Fellows impact their community in ways likely to continue for years to come.

Sound like this may be your opportunity to take your life mission to the next level?  Sign up online right now.  Or shoot us an email so we can dialogue about next steps:

Volunteer, Community Service Fellowship


Polarotary Plunge Flash Announcement

Polarotary Plunge Flash Announcement

Last minute opportunity to support  Mountain Counseling & Training, Inc.

Bethany Evans, the MCT Program Manager, will be jumping in the lake with Luke the MCT therapy dog Saturday a.m.  

Shoot an email to for instructions as to how to contribute.  
Join us Saturday for the fun (at least for Luke!).  



Welcome to MCT’s Blog
This is the place to find “All Things MCT”, including:

  • Leadership/life coaching
  • Announcements about events/classes/groups as we provide services to Rim of the World Unified School District (ROWSD) kiddos and their families
  • Announcements concerning opportunities on the MCT team for volunteers, paid staff roles, or board/advisory level roles
  • Specific answers to questions regarding parenting, classroom management, mental health, or leadership (some in video, some in written form)
  • New staff joining the team to increase the reach of our student and community services

We’ll be tagging each item so you won’t miss what interests
you. We’d also love for you to become a member of our
community so we can let you know if special events or
special blog posts. People with an interest in developing
their leadership skill set or taking their careers to the next
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Our Audience: MCT Friends, Collaborators, and Stakeholders 

Initially, this blog will be promoted to those with whom we have a relationship (our MCT “friends” list) but we hope it will become a valued resource to share with others who are interested in the San Bernardino mountain communities, leadership, or counseling/training/coaching. 

Want to be a part of the MCT inner circle? Shoot an email to

​Why would you want to read these posts?

  • To take your life mission to the next level by reading our leadership/life coaching posts
  • To learn about new staff joining our team
  • To learn about and discuss school-based activities sponsored by MCT or its many partners and friends

You can read our social media policy regarding confidentiality in full on our website but the summary is:

  • Be respectful
  • Be aware that this is not a forum for “therapy”
  • Be aware that posting a question on this site is not confidential

Our Promises

  • We will post at least twice monthly
  • We will notify those on our membership list when our posts first appear
  • We will respond to all direct questions within seven days of posting
  • We will provide a monthly video from one of our team responding to specific questions from our community
  • We will monitor blog “traffic” to keep things respectful and professional.

Those who have an interest in serving our mountain communities will want to stay on the cutting edge of MCT’s development as there will be many opportunities for synergistic interactions with existing mountain initiatives.

Please leave any thoughts below. We’d love to hear your ideas about how to make our blogging and other social media efforts more relevant to what you care about. Shoot us any questions for our team of experts on leadership, family issues, student concerns, educational challenges. Look for answers to your questions in future posts. We’ve set up a special email ( for this purpose.

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