Michael’s Life Mission

Michael’s Life Mission

Seizing upon words, relationships, and family life as opportunities to grow and help others grow.

I am about demonstrating that words have great power to dramatically and positively impact human life.

I am about exercising leadership such that people are served, encouraged, and developed into synergistic interdependence. I am about using power and authority with purity toward noble social and spiritual goals, striving to always be mindful of the overriding importance of right principles.

I am about contributing to individuals and families through the provision of family systems-centered mental health services (and mentoring/teaching others to provide such services) in a compassionate, dramatic, and intensive manner.

I am about demonstrating discipline in body and mind as well as exercising “response-ability” in my use of time, choice of words, choice of relationships, subserving all to living out values including integrity, enthusiasm, passion, intensity, continuous learning, and multi-faceted growth.

I am about being interwoven with the best human fabric I can find with a view toward mutual excellence in principle and practice.

I am about leading and teaching people to lead small groups within the Christian community such that hurting people are healed, seeking people find Christ, and sold-out disciples experience an ever-increasing measure of Christ’s character.

I am about modeling the power of family life in my marriage to mature people and provide catalysts to spiritual, emotional, and social development.

Michael Beavers
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